Ryan Perry

Tiffanie Kellog

I had the opportunity to travel to California to attend an event with Mickey Griffith. His engaging & entertaining style made the full day fly by (while other speakers it drags on). And, he has a great knack for sharing stories that really helped the lessons on referral relationships STICK! If I traveled across the country to have the opportunity to see him speak, you should at least give him a call!!!

Cindi Hazel

Cathy Kurt

Danielle Foster

Cara Wasden

When Mickey Griffith walks into a room, his smile is contagious. He brings a great energy wherever he goes. Mickey also has some amazing skills as a public speaker. As an emcee of an event he sets an enthusiastic tone and keeps things running smoothly and efficiently. He is straightforward and has great insight. Mickey is wonderful at thinking quick on his feet, and adding humor and life to any event.

Dorene Mahoney

I have known Mickey Griffith for over ten years, both as a management consultant and trainer on numerous leadership topics. It is not enough for a speaker to have solid content. He or she must also deliver that content in a way that captures participants’ interest throughout their time together. I have been part of a number of Mickey’s presentations, and in every one of them he engaged the audience in a delightful and dynamic way, infusing his content with laugh-out-loud humor. Audiences love him!

Coaching Testimonial

If growing your business and growing as a person is important to you I would highly recommend acquiring the services of Mickey Griffith as a business coach. Mr. Griffith will challenge you to be the best, and be that voice of reason when you need it most. I have been in the coaching program for a year now and besides going into business for myself this has been the best business decision that I have made to date. If you are new to your business or a been in business a long time and feel like you are going in circles TAKE THE LEAP It will be worth your while.

Jason Lotho

Adrienne Grechman

Adrienne Grechman