Target Referrals By Understanding The True Benefit You Provide

Hello everybody, Mickey Griffith here, with the Referral Institute in the North San Francisco Bay Area. And what I’d like to chat with you about today is your benefit. Not the benefit you receive, but the benefit that your clients receive. What’s the real benefit they get to working with you? See, if we know more about the real benefit that we provide, then we’re able to even more clearly target the people that might need that benefit. What is your true benefit that you provide to your clients?

There’s some things to look out for when you’re trying to come up with what this true benefit is. First of all, you wanna stay away from those things that we hear over and over again, such as, “Peace of mind.” “Our clients get peace of mind.” Did any of you wake up this morning and say, “Boy, I sure could use some peace of mind.”

It’s not very specific. We wanna be more clear about exactly what it is that we provide, and it’s something more than just a net return. It’s not just a bottom line thing. A return on investment might be an important part of your sales conversation, but that’s not the only benefit that people get, and in fact we’re looking for something even a little deeper. Wanna make sure that it’s not, “Great customer service.” You should be providing great customer service. They should get peace of mind when they work with you. So what’s the real benefit they provide, that you provide to your clients?

Let me give you one of my favorite examples. It’s my business partner, Leslie Salazar, and she is so driven to help people and their businesses, and the benefit that people get from working with Leslie, uniquely, as opposed to, say, working with myself, is, she’s driven to make sure that people understand in business that they don’t have to do everything themselves. They’re not alone. There’s somebody to be with them, to move them through the process and help them get the success that they need, and they don’t have to be a one person army. That’s the benefit people get from working with Leslie Salazar.

Isn’t that a little different than, “Great customer service,” or, “She’s a wonderful rah-rah coach”? It’s much more unique, very specific to her. My benefits to my client’s very different than hers are, even though they’re in real alignment with her. So what is your specific benefit that you provide to your client? The better you can articulate that, the more they’ll be drawn to you.

I’m Mickey Griffith with the Referral institute, wishing you happy referral marketing activities.

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