Ready to Accept Help?

Hello everybody. Mickey Griffith here with the Referral Institute in the North San Francisco Bay Area. I’d like to talk with you about one of the things that I know many business owners struggle with. Especially when it comes to referral marketing, and that is allowing others to help us. Lots of business owners, we become entrepreneurs because we’re headstrong, and we know we’ve got the right answer for a lot of things. We tend to do a lot of things ourselves, and most of it’s because we’re intelligent people, and we think that we can just jump in and if we bear down enough, we’ll be able to take care of things ourselves, and we don’t have to rely on other people.

Well here’s the problem with that whole scenario. When we don’t allow people to help us, we’re cutting off part of the relationship. If we don’t ask people for help, we’ve taken away something from them that’s very valuable to them. The real way to measure that is, how do you feel when you give to somebody else? Feel great, right? Love to give to other people. You see that light come on in their eye, they’re so thankful for what you’ve done. If you’re not allowing other people to help you, you’re taking that opportunity away from them. The same is true in referral marketing. The very fact that you need referrals is asking somebody for something, and for a lot of business owners, we don’t want to ask for help. If you’re not asking your referral sources for referrals, you’re robbing them of the opportunity to give something to you which will allow them to feel good.

They want to help you, people want to help you. Those people that you’re creating referral relationships with, you enjoy giving them referrals, you enjoy helping them when you can. Don’t steal that opportunity away from them. Tell them what you want, tell them specifically what you want. Ask them for help, actually use the words “I could use your help, I’m looking for a referral too”. Be really clear. Give them the opportunity to help you as much as you’ve been helping them. That’s my lesson for the day. If you want to get more, you have to ask people, and let them have the opportunity to help you. I’m Mickey Griffith, with the Referral Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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