What Need Does Your Business Fill?

Hello, everybody. Mickey Griffith here with the Referral Institute in the North San Francisco Bay Area. My question for you today is, what need does your business fill? So, in our own business, the Referral Institute, the need that we respond to is business owners that want a spectacular life, and they want it through referral marketing. We do business development with people based on referral marketing, but the end game for it, the reason that they come to us is ’cause they want a spectacular life. We don’t talk about referral marketing as putting a whole bunch of new things in your world, ’cause we’ve all got so much extra time, right? It’s a matter of how do you fit this stuff into your life as it exists now, and really capitalize on the things that you already have available to you, so you can build that spectacular life with more time availability and higher quality, more rewarding clients to work with. Those are the needs that we attend to with our business.

The question is, what is the need that you respond to? If you are a carpet cleaner, you’re not just responding to a need for a clean carpet. What you might be responding to is a need for a housewife to be very proud of her home when she has some friends over for an important party. That’s the need that you might be responding to. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but really think about it for a while. The need is not just a simple result of the service that you do. That’s a benefit. But what’s the need that you’re taking care of? Not getting into the features of what you do, but what is it that you’re handling for somebody, so that their problem or pain or concern is going away? If you can figure out what need you serve best, you’ll be able to tell the people around you what to look for when they’re trying to refer you, so that somebody has a need that you know you can go in and solve. To what needs does your company respond?

I’m Mickey Griffith with the Referral Institute.

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