Creating A Mission Statement – What Are Your Core Values?

Hello, everybody. Mickey Griffith here with the Referral Institute. And this week in our Certified Networker Program, we were working on mission and you can see our mission right here behind me for the Referral Institute, or at least part of it. It’s an important thing that we do with our clients to make sure that they’re right on track for what it is that they’re trying to do in their lives. And one of the questions that comes up during the progress of coming up with this mission statement is, what are your core values? So I thought I’d check in with that with you today. This is a great bit of information for you to have, and to put in a place where you can see it on a regular basis so that it can help you make sure you’re on track for where you’re trying to go. Your core values, as long as we don’t violate our core values, there’s a good shot we’re headed in the right direction.

Some of my core values are joy. I’ve got to be happy. And the people around me, I like them to be happy. It’s just a critical part of my life that I don’t spend time in areas where I’m not happy or where the people around me are not happy. Joy is critical for me. Passion. I have to be around people with passion because people that are lackluster, or kinda don’t care, or even worse than that, or really unhappy with the situation they’re in, it really brings me down. And I’m so passionate about what I do I want to make sure that others are as well. Passion alone isn’t enough. I want people that are also driving to be around me. So that’s another critical component of it. So passion, and joy, and freedom. I got to be free to do what I want to do. That’s why I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t work so well with somebody else telling me what I have to do. I love the freedom of saying, “Today, I’m going to work really early. I’m going to knock off the middle of the day and then I’m going to work later on tonight,” if that’s the way that I want to do things. Freedom is really important to me, very much a core value.

If those are, say, three of my core values. Those are things that I know have to be in my life. This can help me determine things that I will, and will not accept in part of my business. I’m not going to allow somebody to come in and work with me that isn’t happy at least most of the time, or doesn’t believe in the same things that I believe in, or not passionate about what they do. My former marketing communications company, I would turn clients away sometimes that weren’t passionate about what they did because it was very hard for me to help them with their message if they didn’t care about what they did. So that passion was a critical component. So if your core values are clear to you, then you have a better chance of making sure that the efforts you put in daily are all in alignment with where you’re trying to go in your life and the mission for your business.

There’s your opportunity for today. Try to figure out what are some of your core values, and then share them with the people that are around you.

I’m Mickey Griffith with the Referral Institute.

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