What Are You Celebrating In Your Business?

Hello everybody, Mickey Griffith here with the Referral Institute. What I’d like to ask about today is what are we celebrating in our business? What are we achieving? What are those things that we can be really excited about? Sometimes they’re small things, sometimes they’re big things. Every week in our Certified Networker Program, we do a portion called victories, and we want people to share what their victories are. Every week, there’s something that we can be happy about. We should be celebrating things that are happening in our lives and in our clients’ lives that are victories that we’ve created through our businesses. We’re helping people in ways that really make impact and it’s good for us to recognize those, even better to write them down, record them somewhere so that you can look back and see these are the things that I’m doing that have power with people and they’re making differences in people’s lives. What are you celebrating? Maybe this week you’re just celebrating getting to work.

I have a friend that’s been going through some rough times and I was talking with him about it and he’s struggling. Not just as the business, the business is fine but emotionally for a personal reason and he’s just having trouble making it to work sometimes. His victory, what he’s celebrating some days is just getting to work and that’s okay. On a higher end, on the real positive, positive side of that, what are you celebrating? What are we excited about that’s happening in our lives? I’m excited about one of my clients that’s getting married in July and she’s crazy excited about all the stuff that’s going on with it. And we were talking about her wedding and we’re connected through a business but we’ve created a great relationship, and I’m so excited about it for her and that’s something that we’re creating that we’re celebrating. On the business side of it, I got an email from a client yesterday that said she had doubled her profits and beat her goal for new clients for last month. That’s worth celebrating. All of those things are connected to her goals and her goals are connected to her vision and that’s her dream for her life and I got to be a part of that. It’s so exciting. So what are we celebrating in our business? I’m celebrating the great things that are happening for my clients every day. I’m celebrating opportunities to learn. What are you celebrating in your business?

What are you celebrating in the lives of the people that work with you or for you? What are you celebrating with your family as a result of things that you’re doing in your business? This may come as a big shock to some of you, but this whole business and business ownership thing and family stuff and real life, it’s not disconnected. It’s not just business, it’s connected to something far greater. And we need to be celebrating the pieces in our life that we’re having happen as a result of being in the business that we’re in. If you’re passionate about what you do, it’s probably because it’s connected to your real life, your personal life and those victories should be things that we’re celebrating day in and day out. I hope that you found something to celebrate in your day today.

I’m Mickey Griffith with the Referral Institute.

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