Who Is Benefiting From Your Business?

Hello everybody. Mickey Griffith here with the Referral Institute in the North San Francisco Bay, and my question for you today is, who is benefiting from your business, and in what ways? We’re talking about this in terms of vision for our programs, and it’s important to know what ripple effects our business have, and especially, what do we want them to have in the future? What’s our vision for how our business is impacting those around us? If you think about it, your business is definitely impacting more than just yourself. It’s impacting your clients, it’s impacting your family, it could be impacting your referral sources, people that are in business networking groups with you. Your business is not just some business that’s on an island that doesn’t impact other people. In some way, shape, or form, what you do every day impacts others that are around you, even your friends.

The question here is, how is your business impacting others? And if you really want to dig deeper, what more would you like to see it impact in the future? What are the possibilities about how it’s going to engage with each of the people that’s involved with you? There’s lots of ripples that come out from what our activities are, and the more we can describe what we’d like to see those look like, the better we’ve got a chance of getting to that kind of activity in our business and our life. What can you manifest in your life by creating a clear picture of the benefits that your business has to the people or the ways that it impacts the people that are in your world? It’s also a good thing to know just right now. How many times do we get up as business owners in the middle of the day and we say, “I’m not helping anybody. Nothing’s working. I’m not making an impact.” And it’s just not true.

If you really go back and look at what you’re doing day in and day out, it always has effect on somebody. Hopefully positive. Hopefully what you’re working for is to have a good positive impact on people. But it’s something that we can come back to and say, “I’m doing good work. I’m making things happen. I matter in the world.” And just checking on the people around us and how we’re impacting them through our business is a great way to check in on that, and it’s a good thing to feed on in terms of needing some energy to keep moving forward, even on the days that we don’t necessarily feel like it. So how is your business impacting not just you, but the people around you? Good question for the day.

I’m Mickey Griffith with the Referral Institute.

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